This one is easy to explain. You know how a cell phone works?  You have to be within range of a cell tower.  Simple. It’s the same for Mobile broadband. You switch on your laptop in the park, plug in your router and you are connected. Most new laptops have built in modems and so, it’s just a case of buying “air time” for your computer.

There are a whole bunch of reasons why you connect and reception is better in some areas than in others and the same applies to your cell phone . If it crackles and cuts out.. you move.  The same goes for what we call 3G.  You need to be within range to get 3G otherwise your signal will not be great and your  internet will not be as fast. That’s really all you need to know. 

The top names in the cellular industry are Vodacom and MTN. We sell them because we have faith in them .  There is excellent coverage for them all around South Africa and we have many clients who are happily computing in the bush and on the beach. It works, it’s fun and so convenient.

If you need to be on the move, you need mobile broadband.