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While we are well into 2018, this infographic points to some important developments in SEO that are becoming more prevalent each day.

SEO or search engine optimization is continually evolving and becoming more sophisticated.

There are an array of new technologies such as messaging apps that increase the complexity, and possibilities,  of search and of finding the right information online.

Among these developments is the increase in the usage of digital assistants to search – a factor that modern SEO must take into account. In this regard it is interesting to note that Google has determined that at present one out of every five search queries is made using a digital assistant; and this figure is set to increase this yes. The SEO professional therefore has to take cognisance of these digital assistants and the devices in which they are embedded to take full advantage of the search environment.

Another very important , and much discussed, development in SEO is the mobile-first index. This leads to a number of new developments and SEO tasks; such as making use of the Google Accelerated Mobile Pages; which in turn leads to the issue of speed and the time that a page takes to load. Speed has always been a vital factor in good SEO. Coupled with the above is the strong emergence of visual search.

Have a look at this informative infographic for more insight into these emerging SEO factors.


SEO Trends in 2018 (Infographic) - An Infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines

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SEO trends
SEO trends in 2018
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