fibre prices


New pricing ! Imaginet has managed to secure some awesome new pricing for our fibre offerings.
We also are giving a month free installation for March. That’s a savings of R2850 !

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Fibre is being rolled out very quickly in South Africa but some areas are still not connected. Imaginet will focus on Telkom infrastructure initially and will be introducing some other providers shortly. In order to utilise this facility you need to have fibre installed outside your boundary wall. Fibre then needs to run from your boundary wall to inside your home or business. You will also need an E-WAN-enabled router to connect your devices. Your ADSL router could work. Check with us first before you go out and buy a new one.

How is Fibre different to ADSL ?

Currently the mode of internet access has been ADSL which is reliant on existing copper wire infrastructure. With cable theft and damages to lines the connectivity is often unreliable and offers speeds on average of 4 to 8 Mbps. On the other hand, Fibre is based on the use of flexible glass fibres to transmit data at unheard of speeds even up to 100Mbps! No voice line is needed from Telkom and your line is crystal clear.

Fibre with No contracts! Check your fibre status with Imaginet today!