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Raise the Bar or Face Obsolescence!

 Never lose focus of online customers finding a product or service that precisely meets their criteria! Online shoppers today are market savvy; they compare prices and product features in advance in order to identify the best deals on merchandise and services. Consequently, e-tailers must continually evaluate their current platform and online showcase to respond to the rising bar of customer expectations—or face obsolescence. Remember, it’s a lot easier to click away from a site than it is to walk out of a store.

If your goal is to get noticed and stand out from the crowd, your immediate responsibility is to build a raving fan base through social networking in order to provide multiple sales channels, ensure fulfillment consistency by offering a wide, quality product selection, newsworthy content aimed at your target market, perceptive Web design (allowing users to translate sensory impressions for practical purposes) and user-interface (include screen menus and icons, keyboard shortcuts, gesture movements, and natural language recognition) to smooth the progress of online shopping, promote ‘influential repartee’ and encourage return visits.

However, achieving ROI from social networking as a new addition to your marketing mix won’t happen overnight, although if done exceptionally well through honest information sharing and friendly recommendation the response from prospects is remarkable, following the implementation of multi-channel attentive customer liaison; analytics track reactions to personalized dialogue aimed at diverse target audiences on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Consider that social media is growing daily, and it takes a lot of time, energy and know-how to maintain momentum. Since you don’t want to leave your brand building to chance, it necessitates driving the different social media platforms on a repetitive scale to win over online shoppers; that is, if your enterprise comprises multi-divisions overseeing multiple brands. You may want to consider contracting a specialist team to facilitate the administration of your multiple social networking accounts, create meaningful comparisons through automated and manual workflows that interpret data across multiple channels, functions and divisions for significant impact and actionable insights.

One company that is geared to helping develop your Social Network Marketing is Imaginet ISP. Their team of experts assesses how an enterprise can meet customers’ needs and achieve brand building and sales objectives by adding Social Networking to the standard Marketing Mix. According to CEO of Imaginet ISP, Dianne Miller, “even with the best product in the  world, if a business promotes it to the wrong audience through the wrong communication channel, overprices it or distributes it in a way that is inconvenient for consumers, the business will not attract new prospects, retain existing customers, and cultivate a positive reputation.” A ‘through-the-line’ approach is common among many small businesses today as they begin to test social media as a marketing opportunity. “Many find it daunting and too time consuming to manage FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest interactively while others fail to see the commercial benefits of sending random tweets about activities and comments that often have nothing to do with the company’s merchandise or service,” says Miller.  Through-the-line marketing refers to the combination of above-the-line (including all the communicational activities relating to advertising via TV, press, and radio) and below-the-line marketing (includes all the other communicational activities like direct marketing). Alex Sharp, an online entrepreneur who has enjoyed moderate success attracting work from corporations and individuals worldwide for more than a decade is currently finding his business dormant. “Nothing is happening; I’ve never bothered to link any of the social networks to my sites, but pay close attention to keeping content fresh and welcoming,” says Sharp.  Due to its huge influence many individuals and corporations use social media to market themselves or their products. “It’s imperative to be conversant with social media to humanize your brand, engage with your target audience, build credibility, and to identify customer needs,” advises Sharp.

The Social Networking Marketing contracts run by Imaginet ISP comprise four package options, ranging from Introductory Set-up to Advanced Management. Their team of Social Networking practitioners analyze whether the enterprise has a well-defined marketing mix in place in order to examine the overall offer from the customer’s point of view, by asking critical customer-focused questions. “Managing your business’ social media demands keeping up with the changing social media networks and technology, as well as investing quality time in conversations and paying attention to customers on these networks,” adds Imaginet ISP CEO, Dianne Miller. Maintaining your social media news-stream requires scheduled updating, driven by asking ‘What am I going to write”, ‘What aspect or feature of the business should I focus on next? And ‘How should I handle customer queries, complaints or suggestions?’ Maintaining multiple social networks can be daunting to those just starting out; it’s important to prioritize network profiles to build meaningful content. It might be a good idea to outsource your social media efforts to a specialty vendor like Imaginet ISP; this way they can focus solely on perfecting and tracking your business’ social media presence.

What Imagi-nation offers –

A professional social networking service to suit your needs.

We offer an introductory service which sets up your social networks as well as an intermediate package that provides for more networks and wider services. The full package offers a continuous service that virtually runs your networks for you – and provides personal feedback and statistics. This is a fully customized and personalized service!

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