3g mobile data

Who needs those troublesome telephone lines and rage-inducing routers when you can get connectivity that fits snugly into your pocket and means that you can mail on the move? And since the price is just right, we know that we’ll be more likely to find you outdoors than behind your desk this Summer!

Don’t believe us? See for yourselves: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

 MTN Mobile Data

Imaginet is back with some special offerings on 3G mobile data which will make life a lot easier if you like to move around and keep connected to your office, e-mail or just for fun. Our mobile packages are staggered from 500 Mb for the small or emergency use right up to 10 Gb for the more serious business man or woman.

Each offering is hard capped and there are NO Contracts so you pay month to month and can cancel with 30 days notice. We can set up your SIM and courier to your door for your convenience and we have mobile top ups which you can use if you are out-and-about and run out of data. You don’t want to be without a connection when you need it most!

With such a great offer, there’s nothing holding you back! Let us sweep you off your feet and take you mobile!


R 54.00


R 89.00


R 145.00


R 279.00


R 399.00


R 599.00 –

The features include :

All SIMS available.

No Contract

Unshaped Bandwidth

No phone line needed

MTN coverage

Courier delivery to your door

Hard – capped

No out of bundle billing


Top ups available:

500 Mb – R49

1 Gb– R89

2 Gb – R159

Get your MTN Mobile Data now!