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{excerpt from the New Pinterest Guide from Imaginet} Pinterest has become one of the most popular social networking sites on the Internet.  As one pundit notes, it is the social media network that cannot be ignored. Reports and statistics about that this network indicate that Pinterest is in fact getting more referral traffic than Google plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. [1] Recent statistics show that it has over 1.9 billion monthly page views and that the average time per visit is over 14 minutes globally. [2]

The popularity of this network can possibly be best measured by the number of imitators that has sprung up in a remarkably short period of time. These include dozens of attempts to replicate the look and feel of this enormously successful site; such as, a Pinterest look-a-like directed at male interests and which focuses in videos, among others. The enthusiasm for the network is ascribed to its almost completely visual format and content, which includes thousands of images on every topic under the sun. Another factor is the incredibly user- friendly design of the network which makes it easy to share images with others.

However, this eBook is focused on a very practical aspect which is – what value does Pinterest hold for you? In other words, we will be looking at how you can benefit from Pinterest. If you want to promote your business, plan a wedding, design your kitchen or sell your art online, then this eBook will provide you with the insight to do these and other things on Pinterest …..

Special Pinterest Offer from Imaginet . Download our Free E-book !

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