Some of us can’t start the day without a dose of the news first thing and now there are many apps you can use for newsfeeds which will give you the global picture or a more localised view.

In South Africa ,News24 has a new iPhone app that gives you all the breaking news and features on the go.  If comes with playable videos and has been launched recently for iPad as well. 

Manage your feed, customize your toolbar for your personal favourite news, set how often you want to receive news feed and you can easily share your information with friends and family via the social media options available. Here is how to get this set up on your iPad.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIiCXM7x2cA

If your news channel of choice is CNN which has a download app on iTunes for a smooth delivery of news in short and manageable chunks. Photos on the grid of four stories at a time makes this easy to see and tapping on any article will bring up the full text which might have videos and photos accompanying the reports. If you want to get involved and post a comment, there is easy access to the comment boxes and for sharing to Facebook and Twitter, it’s a click of the icon.  Additional features include being able to watch CNN TV live.  Download your app of choice here : http://edition.cnn.com/mobile/

BBC news app for the iPad is very comprehensive and features news from Europe, Latin America, UK, Asia-Pacific, South Asia , Middle East and Africa. This application is not limited to hard news but has categories on entertainment and the arts, sport, health and audio and visual news. Videos are also seamless and quick to load.  You can set the language too !  If want it in Chines, Russian, Arabic, or Urdu, those are just some of the unusual choices you can make. Live radio stream is also possible and will even run in the background if you want to browse at the same time.


If you are a geek and want to know the latest news on the latest technology , TWiT is your 24-hour streaming network of content for watching and listening.  It has a titles podcast but you can also get the latest Android news, social network tips, talk on Macs, photography and expertise on a number of technical and computer subjects.  Great minds and personalities who research the news are also featured regularly and this app is a must for those who believe in mystery and wonder. Stay up to date with the latest gadgets and innovations. https://itunes.apple.com/ZA/app/id352805075?mt=8

News360 is also something that has become increasingly popular with news fundis. The team bring in up to the minute and breaking news to a feed on your phone, iPad, or via your PC.  Their motto is to save time by bringing informed and insightful articles to the public and in the least amount of time for a faster , better vision of the world events, disasters and human achievements. Download this app from their website : http://news360.com/


And if you are not saturated by news from all these three, there are hundreds more which we will bring to you as we find them, research the best and ensure you get the best of what’s happening out there in the universe.

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