new face of seo

The field of search engine optimization has changed radically over the past few years.

As more websites  are  being  created each day many website owners wonder why their site is nowhere to be seen in the first few results or pages of the search engines. The answer to this lies in SEO or the process of optimizing your website so that it will be visible in search.  However, SEO has evolved with the needs of the search community and the “rules” have changed. In the past SEO was all about keyword research and manipulating your site  so that the search engine algorithms would view it positively and assign a high rank to it.

However, now SEO is all about content, context and user intent- and the value of a website for the search engines lies in to the  extent  it is perceived as being of value to the client or visitor.

As the infographic below illustrates, there are central factors to take into consideration when optimizing your site for the search engines today. The perception , preferences and values of the online user have become central to the way in which the search engines assign value, and hence ranking, to a web page. This leads ot the importance of intent and relevance of the content of your website -and there’s that all important word in modern SEO : content.

If the content is seen to be relevant to that group or targeted section of users, then the site will have a better chance of ranking highly on the search engines.

If, for example, you sell shoes on-line and your content is relevant and provides value  to the  market audience of shoe buyers,  then this means that your site has a certain value in terms of the search engines, which will be recognized as long as the site is well-indexed. So, in other words, SEO is no longer only about technical issues ( although these are by no means irrelevant and there are still  many  technical issues that influences website and webpage ranking ) BUT IT IS ALSO ABOUT the search experience and whether  your content reflects what the user is looking for.

One must remember that the main task of any search engine is to provide the most relevant and “best” possible results to the user. It therefore follows that if your content is relevant and fits in with the intent of the user, then it will rank highly. So what must you do to achieve these standards?

First of all content is all important but not just any old content but content that marks your site as authentic and useful. For example,  the number of quality backlinks still important for search engines but now it is also important  how these backlinks were obtained  – and the preference is for organic and not bought or shared backlinks. In other words, backlinks that were earned by a webpage because they  were perceived to be of value are much more valuable than backlinks that are obtained inorganically or through technical manipulation.

This valuable infogaphic makes some very important  points about the types and variety of content that you should be creating on your website.


Courtesy of: The Seen