seo guide and explanations

SEO or search engine optimization is becoming more essential each day in order to ensure that your web site appears in the first page or two of the search engines.

Simply put, SEO refers to the methods and techniques for ensuring that your pages are indexed and optimized for specific keywords and phrases so that they are ranked highly by the search engines like Google.

However there is a great deal more to SEO than keyword selection and placement – as the infographic below explains.

For example page architecture is important  – the way the website is structured helps the search engines make decisions about the ranking of the pages; and elements such as the meta description all add to the propensity for that page to be ranked highly.

Creating backlinks  is equally important as search engines use these links to establish the value of a site . Social media is also  becoming increasing important as an estimator of the value of a website and obliquely influences the position of web pages on the search engines. One should also remember that modern SEO is now closely aligned with social media marketing and the degree to which your site is perceived as being of value to the target audience.

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seo infographic



seo explained