seo and search

This infographic helps one to see into the future of search engine optimization  – and to ensure that you are making the right sort of changes to your optimization process.

One of the most important facets of modern SEO is the growing significance of mobile. Having a mobile-friendly website has become an essential aspect of search engine optimization. Google has clearly stated the importance that it places on mobile friendliness as a factor in search engine ranking.

Another factor of course is the value of social networking.

This is a factor that is continually debated and discussed online – but social search is an evolving factor in the way that people search online. In fact many people are moving away from conventional search engines like Google and using mobile apps and social media to search – for example, searching hashtags on Twitter for the latest info on a certain topic.

Quality Content

Quality content that is directed at your target audience  has become the preferred method of building backlinks  to your site – and it seem that this trend is going to strengthen in future.

Security is another issue that forms part of the future of SEO.

This is in line with Google’s announcement that that in future secure sites will have a ranking advantage.



7 SEO Predictions for 2015 #infographic