How is this book structured?
Understanding how social networks function and how to make optimum use of them
is at the centre of this eBook. The key to understanding social media is the
realization that the entire range of social networking sites and applications, from
Facebook to Pinterest, are concerned with one central theme – communication and
sharing. Each network has its own target demographic and different processes and
methods to increase and improve communication and sharing – but communication
and sharing are what they are all about. Once this basic concept becomes clear
then making use of social networks becomes a matter of figuring out their various
processes and procedures. This eBook is intended to provide the reader with an
overview of the basic processes and methods that one needs to master to make the
best use of a particular network.
What to remember at this point
While the range of social networks may seem daunting one should continually bear
in mind that they are all concerned with the same issue of communication and
sharing. However, each network differs in the way that they approach this theme.

Each network has a certain broad demographic that it appeals to – LinkedIn for
example is aimed at professional and business connections and communication,
while Google Plus provides for a wider range of possible types of connections.
Let’s begin with…
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