twitter and Google deal

Social media is growing up. Tweets in  Google search

The recent  deal and intersection between Google and Twitter is a trend that suggests the future importance of social media for search engine ranking.

In essence, but only erratically and in some countries at present, tweets are now appearing in Google search carousels. Basically this means that certain trending tweets are showing up in Google search engine results. “Google is now showing tweets in a new and more graphical way on mobile devices, with desktop promised soon. ” (


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Clicking on the results on Google “…takes users through to Twitter, where they can see the tweet in its context as well as exploring the rest of the topic.” (

How does this work. In essence it relates to the agreement  between Google and Twitter, where Google has access to the “firehose” of Twitter tweets and can index them and add them to search criteria.

So, what does all of this mean?  On the one hand, at the present time,  it means that if you have a large and popular following on Twitter  and if your tweets are trending, then you have a chance of appearing in Google Search. In reality this only applies to celebs and Twitter superstars at the moment. But, and this is the important point, it is an indication of things to come. Social media  combined with the increase of social media on mobile, is a force that is becoming ubiquitous and that has to be recognized and incorporated into the search engines if they are to remain topical and dynamic. In other words, the intersection between social media is increasingly becoming more sophisticated. Watch this blog as we follow up on future developments on the intersection between social media an search engine optimization.