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There are some developments in the South African social media picture. This should be of interest to marketers and website owners who wish to promote their websites more effectively. Here are some of the most important trends.

  • Twitter users in South Africa has increased  to 6.6-million and Facebook to 11.8 million
  • Facebook is now used by a quarter of all South Africans.

However the real news is that  Instagram has seen the fastest growth of any social network in South Africa over the past year. (wordwideworx )

“The big surprise in the results came from Instagram more than doubling its user numbers in South Africa, and its 133 per cent growth doubling an already high 65 per cent growth in 2014.”(wordwideworx) ” Recent reports also indicate that ”  Facebook has grown by 8 per cent, from 12-million to 13-million, and Twitter by 12 per cent, from 6,6-million to 7,4-million users.”(wordwideworx)

While YouTube is still very popular is has only grown slightly in terms of its user base in South Africa and the biggest growth in terms of users in the country is definitely with Instagram which rose a massive 133 per cent, from 1,1- million to 2,68-million.

Another interesting fact that has emerged from recent studies is that it is now clear that most South African brands are using Twitter and Facebook to promote their studies;  while “…YouTube and Instagram are likely to see the biggest first-time use by brands…. (wordwideworx).

There are also indications that brands are increasing their social media budgets;  and especially focusing on content marketing   and multimedia marketing.

If you want to see the latest figures broken down by industry and category a very useful site to visit is

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The following quotes from experts should also be borne in mind when assessing the status of social media and its future in South Africa.


“Every social network has its own dynamics,” says Mike Wronski, CEO of data analytics company Fuseware. “The secret for companies trying to leverage social networks lies not only in numbers of users, but also in how heavily those users engage in these networks. Twitter has more intensive engagement than Facebook, despite having substantially fewer users.” (

Arthur Goldstuck, managing director of technology market researchers World Wide Worx. “The global rise of video is now making itself felt here. Once the cost of mobile data comes down for the emerging smartphone market, video will become a dominant medium, strongly supported by other visual media.”

Imaginet will be following the latest figures and news on social media in South Africa on this blog.