Improve your web site


By Simon Bream for Imaginet


1. To improve your web site first ensure that your site is logically constructed and that  the connections between the links on the pages are obvious and easy to follow.

2. Content is everything if we want your site to get noticed. Make sure that your text is crisp and clearly written and that there are no grammar and spelling mistakes.

3. Content does not only mean text.  The visual experience is central to a web site’s popularity.  Include images in your web site and make sure that they are of good quality. Include other forms of content as well – such as presentations, podcasts, videos etc.

4. Make sure that basic search engine optimization requirements are met (more on this in future articles). All of your images should have the required alt attribute, which is alternate text for an image.

5. Do a keyword search pertaining to your site with Google Keyword Tool.  It is  important to develop a coherent understanding of the top keywords that relate to your site and their relevance in terms of the number of searches for these terms and the competition that exists for them. Compare your use of keywords to the keywords used on your competitor’s sites. You may find for instance that they are using different keywords that drive traffic to their sites.

6. It is essential to ensure that your site is represented on the social networks. Create a Facebook , Twitter and Google Plus account  for your site and populate these accounts with content relevant to your service or product. For a full overview download Imaginet’s guide to Social Networking

7. Consider using the increasingly popular Pinterest site. Pinterest is geared towards visual content and this serves as an excellent marketing and branding  platform for almost any business or profession. See  Imaginet’s Pinterest guide for an  in-depth look at this site. This eBook can be downloaded here  or by visiting our  Facebook page.

9. Keep an eye on Trends in your industry or profession. There are a number of online services. One of the cheapest and most effective is Google alerts.

10. Start a blog.  Create a blog that deals with your business or professional news, discussion and announcements. Not so very long ago a blog was not considered to be an essential part of online marketing, but with the increased focus on content a blog is now seen as an important part of branding and client or customer interaction.

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