cats and conputers

By Lara Salomon


I love my cats to pieces. They are the first things I look for when I come home from a long day at work. But I love my computer too, and anyone who owns cats knows that the two just do not mix.

Take, for example, the tiny kitten named Midnight. Midnight is a mischievous little thing and loves jumping over everything, particularly if it is something that you are busy concentrating on. You know how cats love to lie on top of the crossword that you are trying to finish? Imagine that with a laptop and you’ve imagined part of my dilemma. Kittens rolling around on keyboards is just not a good idea. I often find long emails written in non-sensical strings of recurring letters. Midnight, my darling, I know that you are trying to communicate with the world and get your fifteen minutes of fame, but there are better ways to do it. Let me take a YouTube video of you – then you’ll see!

What is worse than the rolling around on the keyboard, though, is the deliberate pushing of buttons. There is the volume button when I am listening to music and there is the mysterious button that transforms my VLC video into my desktop background. At one point Midnight pressed a combination of buttons which led to my Lightroom menu disappearing. I have no idea how to get it back and, for weeks now, I have had to close the programme the long way around (either right click closing or closing via CTRL-ALT-DELETE.) And I am not alone in this problem either. My boyfriend has given up on leaving his gaming PC on during the day since Midnight has taken to freezing his computer by pressing button combinations that seem to confuse the motherboard to no end.

I would love to say that this problem is exclusive to kittens, but that would just not be the truth. Our technology was doomed long before Midnight entered the scene. Puddims has always had the habit of jumping on PCs at exactly the right angle to push in the power button, and there is nothing like losing power to disrupt a work flow. He also has the tendency of knocking things over when he feels bored or thinks that we’re not paying enough attention to him. One instance of this involved a full beer and my boyfriend’s keyboard. He was both unimpressed and excited at the same time – the ruined keyboard meant that he could splurge on the more extravagant one that he had been eyeing. Needless to say though, full beers are not kept within pawing distance of electronics any longer.

So, I suppose, the question that I’ve got to ask myself is whether it’s worth keeping the kittens around when our technology is in a constant state of near destruction. My answer? Absolutely! Life is nothing without the joys and adventures that cats and kittens bring into it.

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