Role of CEO

Dianne Miller, CEO of Imaginet, discusses the role and duties of the modern CEO.

As the CEO of Imaginet it is my duty to promote and motivate the current vision for the business, oversee the operations of this internet service provider and ensure that all the staff equipment is available and functioning to provide members with a healthy base for dealing with clients and services. On a more practical daily basis, I formulate policy and make recommendations on products and services and well as make decision on Human Resource training, testing and efficiency. With the assistance of my Financial staff I am able to make recommendations on purchases, sales and pricing and this constitutes quite a large portion of my responsibilities. Motivation of staff and market research to make sure we are keeping abreast of the ever changing nature of this internet environment also dominate the tasks regularly. The formulation of rules and regulations in the work place are also part of my portfolio but are also largely entrenched by our management during training and orientation of all who begin their journey at Imaginet.