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The secret to promoting your website and getting thousands of visits each month is really no secret at all. It is blazoned across the headlines of dozens of recent articles about SEO and social media. The great secret to promoting your website is quality content. Whatever you are promoting or communicating online should be accompanied by a blog which has daily updates that are relevant to the audience that you would like to attract.
In order to promote your website effectively you should:
• make sure that your website is optimized in terms of design, accessibility and images.
• make sure that you have all basic SEO aspects in place – such as good keywords in your description tag.
• Have a blog which you update regularly with relevant content.

The real secret is how to create and continue creating content that is relevant to the audience that you want to attract and interact with. Firstly, you should research your target market or audience. Online surveys are a useful starting points to finding out what the needs of your audience are. Once you have a good idea of these needs you should begin creating or curating content that will bring returning visitors to your site. For example, if you are selling gardening equipment online your blog should not only deal with the latest new products and promotions but should also include industry news, gardening hints and tips etc., as well as new developments in the industry. Social media is invaluable in disseminating your content. For example, one could a Pinterest board with images of gardening tools.

Curation has become another way of producing interesting content for your site – have a look at sites like Scoop This site is free and user-friendly and can provide a useful way of sharing information in your field. Here is list of the most popular curation sites

Most of all, in the modern online and social media marketing world enthusiasm and involvement count. Social media has made people more critical of hard selling and hype and more sensitive to true enthusiasm and the willingness to share – this translates into a need for content that is vibrant and interesting.


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