web design trends

Modern web design has changed and developed at an increasingly creative rate.

With publishing platforms like WordPress and the availability of responsive and interactive templates, the work of designers has been opened to technical possibilities that were not easy to create in the past. Besides the new creative opportunities, the need to design for mobile platform has also meant that designers have had to rethink their design strategies and limitations.

But what are the  web design trends that are most popular today? 

  • Larger more vibrant images. With the increase in internet speeds and accessibility, there has been over the years an increase in the size and quality of the images used on websites.
  • Rich content – this is probably the most important development in web design as it allows for the easy use of many formats to create visual experiences that you have been possible in the past.
  • The popularity of flat design
  • Hand drawn illustrations
  • The pundits predict that, with increasing access to fast bandwidth, web design will become even more creative and imaginative with  new technical developments. These will include more interactive components and background video.


Design trends 2015 Infographic

Source: CoastalPro