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Understanding SEO –  top ten sites

Why you need to know about SEO

Not too long ago search engine optimization or SEO was something intensely technical  and geeky that  was best left to the experts – but now understanding how SEO works and how you can benefit from basic SEO insights has become an essential aspect of promoting your website.

The importance of SEO has grown largely due to developments online and in way that search engines select and present information to the visitor. SEO has become inextricably intertwined with marketing and PR as well as with developments in social media and the burgeoning  mobile field.  Gone is the myth that is only for experts. Sure, it can be technically demanding at times but one can learn how to implement basic and even advanced SEO practices  from these sites that will help you to optimize and improve your site in the search engine ranking – and elsewhere,

  •  If you a looking for a quick and insightful overview of the general SEO process have a look at Understanding the SEO Process from the The Arnima Learning Center
  • To begin with a very useful start to understanding the basics of SEO is SEO: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners from KISSmetrics.  This covers all the essential basics of traditional SEO from metatags to keyword  research etc.
  • One of the top sites to visit regularly and to bookmark is This site  keeps you up to date on the latest and most significant changes in the SEO world and can assist with insight into  onpage and offpage optimization.  There is a wealth of expert views and opinions about all the latest developments in the SEO field
  • Visit What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?  This site also has a useful video intro to the basics of SEO: this is a very comprehensive and extensive guide.
  • A very well known site site is This site provides an excellent introduction to the field of SEO with its beginner’s guide to SEO- This guide is well written and easy to follow and is a recommended starting point for anyone wanting to learn about SEO.
  • There area a ton of videos on SEO on YouTube that you can access: For example; this useful  Complete 2015 SEO guide .

  • Then there is a free ebook from Hubspot – another well-known SEO site. This guide has advice and tips for the experts.
  • Keyword research can seem intimidating at first. A useful intro to keyword research can be found on many of the sites already mentioned – but one of the most extensive and useful is How To Do Keyword Research For SEO by SEONick.
  • However, once you have mastered the basics of conventional SEO you will begin to understand that SEO is a dynamic and rapidly changing field. A very useful intro to modern SEO is  SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2015 by Shaun Anderson
  •  A short but sweet intro to backlinks as an important component of search engine optimization is-Importance of Backlinks for SEO! by John Engle –