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Before search engines there were resource sites which provided you with an annotated list of resources in the areas that you were searching for. Even though search engines have become more sophisticated there is a huge amount of information and data online and sifting through these looking for that particular resource or answer can still be a time consuming affair. This is where resource centres play a very useful role.

This resource centre is intended to focus on a number of different areas that will assist readers of this blog. It is a work in progress and will be added to continually as we find new  and useful online sources.

Technology resources

One of the most interesting South African sites for technology updates and well as info about the latest gadgets and devices available is

imaginet resources

This site is easy to navigate with a wide range of tech issues, articles and news. This is one website we visit regularly.

Another site we regularly visit for the latest tech news is  The broadband section of this site is informative. It offers  a wide range of business and technology news and insights.

technology resources

Techcentral is another useful site to update your technology insight in the South African context.

imagine technology resources

Memeburn is a great source of technology and internet information and views. It is especially good with regard to the latest digital and mobile news.

Gearburn is related  to Memeburn and deals with the latest gadget news.

A really interesting site for technology is Stuff. This site deals with tech and gadget views and info – definitely a site you want to look  at to find out what is happening in the local IT world.

A site that provides some of the most up-to-date news on the South African tech scene is the technology section of News 24

Pctech Mag is also a very informative and useful site for the latest IT and Tech news; as well as ITNewsAfrica, which  covers technology news from the  African continent

it news


Social Media resources

social media interaction

 There are a wide range of social media resources online and one could easily make a list of at least 50 that all deserve a visit – but here are a few of the sites we visit on a daily basis for news and insights  into the world of social media.

jeff bulllas

A favourite social media resource is the well-known  blog by Jeff Bullas. This blog is always up-to-date and deals with some of the most important social media issues and debates of the day.


Of course one of the best social media resources is Mashable – which is often referred to as the “go to” site for everything social. It is an extensive site and is well worth bookmarking for a daily visit.

social media today

Social Media Today is one of those sites  that are essential for info on the way to build and grow your social media presence. It provides articles not only on the latest developments in the social media world but also only ways to increase your social media marketing and expertise.

Another of our favourite social media site is Social Media Examiner – this site always succeeds in proving excellent how-to articles and reviews of the latest apps and tools for social media.