By Dianne Miller



Wanna travel but just hate the paperwork for visas  and the infuriating queues at Home Affairs?  South Africa now has an agency that handles this all for you.

Whether you are planning a dream holiday, a business trip or a study year, Visa & Passports Unlimited are now considered the go-to guys for all the documentation, payments and collections.

They are market leaders in this industry and are known to commit to providing the travelers with a comprehensive and personalized service to ensure that Visa are processed in the fastest possible time with the least amount of inconvenience.

Several international embassies situated in our country today require biometric photographs and fingerprints plus the required personal interview at the embassy itself.  This can be a rather daunting task as it is not always clear what documents are needed, what sort of photographs are required and the protocol is not simple.  Visas & Passports Unlimited have staff that  will actually meet you at the embassy or consulate and assist you through the entire process of application for your Visa.  They will handle any payments to the consulate and lodge the application on your behalf if a personal interview is not required.  Their services also include the collection of the passports and documents directly from the traveler or the business.  They will help you fill in the documentation, or load online applications and quality check all visa documentation.  The company also makes a point of keeping in touch on a regular basis so that there is not an unhappy surprise along the way which could cause the delay or cancellation of an expensive trip.

They also assist with the application for Birth/Death or Marriage Certificates for clients for both South Africa and the United Kingdom.  Immigration requirements, extensions of work permits and study leave and for organizing for passport updates are also listed as services they offer.

Their website is friendly and easy to use : www.  or +27 (0) 11 453 4646.

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