health and technology

The link between and technology and health and the way that technology impacts health, is an ongoing debate with deep divides.

On the one side there are those who see technological innovation as a boon to modern physical and mental health; on the other side are those who claim that technology is the cause of many modern illnesses and ailments.

A recent technological innovation tends to support the pro- technology standpoint. This refers to the development of a device that can sense and monitor changes or fluctuations of mood and feeling in the individual. The technology used here is very similar to that used in lie detector tests. The device measures and interprets heart rate and electrical changes in the skin. What is innovative here is that any radical changes or fluctuations can be sent via SMS to friends or medical personnel – so it acts as a sort of immediate distress call when the person cannot respond or phone by himself. This has many applications; for example, in autistic children who often can’t show or project their feelings or those suffering from panic attacks. ( see full article on this device in the Washington post.)

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