website design trends 2015

Wed Design trends in 2015 are linked to a number of online factors

Web design is evolving rapidly to keep pace with other on-line developments. One of the central factors influencing contemporary web design are the changes in mobile usage and the necessity to cater for cellphone and tablet interfaces. This  is referred to as mobile optimization and responsive website design – as outlined  in the infographic below.

Other factors that are important in web design trends for 2015 include:

  • large and impressive images  and visual components
  • flat design
  • fullscreen design
  • larger text
  • Community and social interaction
  • An interesting development is the use of 3D typography and text with shadows to increase depth in web page design.
  • Subtle animation is also making a return – however this should not be over done  but should focus more on the interactive process and viewer actions. The influence of social media is of course a vital factor influencing design  and links to social networks and the ability to share have become essential.
20 Web Design Trends That Will Shape The Internet in 2015
Courtesy of: Infographic Journal