Hosting is a very broad concept and involves us putting your information and website and/or e-mail on our servers. Essentially you log in and can access all that from Imaginet. It takes a lot of planning and organizing and we are really good at that and have been doing it for years… 14 years in fact in October, 2011.

Here are the basics. You need a domain which is the name you choose to put out there on the web. Choose it wisely as it will define how you are perceived. We register this for you in your name and it’s your property for as long as you need it. For all this back end work that you never see we charge you only R79 for a whole year.  That’s R6.50 per month. Less than a bar of chocolate!

It takes 24 hours for your domain to get sent out into the wide world and once you have it, no one else can take that name. Then we help you set up your e-mails and assist you in uploading your own website. If you don’t have a website we have a free site builder which we give you. This is for the starter plan and you manage and maintain it yourself. If you need a more complicated platform we can also guide you to the right place for your needs. Open source technology today allows you to build and grow with your website and our technicians can help. Our servers will be able to accommodate most of the open source technologies on the web today.

Most of these technologies today support dynamic content which basically means that the information can be modified without the assistance of a website developer. Some hosting is cheap and simple. Other Imaginet products cater for larger sites and organizations. The crazy thing is the packages start at R9 and you could be online with your site for less than R90.  Our online sign up is fast and easy and one call later we have you up and running.  Check out the various options on our site.

Hosting starts really cheap and for the price you will get a lot of mileage for your business.  Hosting is like renting office space but much less costly. Just like an office directory listing, your website has a physical address that maps the exact location of the website within a hosted server. These physical addresses have their own 411 or yellow pages directory which is called Domain Name System (DNS). The high configuration computers that host your files are called web servers. Each website has their own web address and domain name. This economical solution suits businesses and individuals desiring an online presence with minimal involvement and budget.

Hosting with Imaginet