This infographic is an interesting and humorous view of Facebook users – with a strong touch of marketing realism. Facebook is at present the most popular social network, with more than 1.5 billion active Facebook users. (Source: Facebook)  This is a 23 percent increase from March 2012.  What this means  for the marketer is that Facebook is too big to ignore and the network generates 4.5 billion likes generated daily. (

In essence this means is that Facebook presents huge marketing and promotional opportunities – which requires a concomitant high level of research into the demographics of Facebook users and their marketing profiles.

At the same time it would a grave mistake to ignore the other social networks that are dominating the social media scene. Twitter, for example, is outpacing Facebook in certain areas – especially in the area of mobile advertising.  Have a look at some of the figures in this report (


The 9 Types of Facebook User