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Imaginet has tried and tested the social media networks since the middle of last year with great success. We have had lots of fun and met many of our clients, had competitions and some winners !  It’s been a blast. More than that though it has brought us closer to our customers and their needs and wants. Imaginet staff now have a better idea of who we are talking to and how our clients see our company. Besides the branding of our company we have also been able to advertise our products and promotions at relatively minimal cost.  We also get maximum exposure.  What more could we ask?

Social Media is king of content and one of the most efficient ways to reach out to your client base.  However, it takes a lot of input, effort and maintenance and not every company has a full time Media team to dedicate to this onerous task.  Twitter, and Facebook alone are very time consuming if you do it right and aim for the right exposure and response.  Not only do you have to populate these social networks with interesting and current news and views, but it has to be analysed at the end of the day to assess what works and what is not making a difference to your statistics or “hits”.

Most of us are a little reluctant to spend hours of our time in front of a PC when the cricket is on , there is a braai to go to, or  some fun over the easter season. So… why don’t you let us help you out ?  We have set up all our own networks and monitored them now for months and learned a huge amount by doing it first hand.

We now realise just how valuable these social connections are and how much they have done for our business, and our clients. They can contact us by mail, phone, twitter and facebook, linkedin and google+. Pinterest is also one of the fastest growing social networks in South Africa.  Get on board before you get left behind.  Please see our social media page. We don’t yet have instant online purchase facilities but if you let us have your e-mail address and your name and phone number, or the name of the package you require , we will phone and set up a personal package that suits your needs.  See you online !

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