I figure that seeing as how you are taking the time to check out our newly developed blog, I would explain why I think that blogging is important, why I do it and why I think that everyone should.

We live in a world where everything has gone digital – letters have turned into emails, business cards have turned into websites, friends have turned into Facebook contacts and enemies have turned into, well, Facebook contacts. Newspapers are fading into history as news sites are taking precedence. And why is that?

Because when someone reads an article in a newspaper, they can rant and rave all they want about it and no one will ever know – nothing will be done and while you can reach a couple of your friends and family and find agreement among them on the issue, while you can send in an email or an SMS giving your opinion, that does not mean that your opinion will be published or count towards anything of significance. Your voice just ends up getting lost. And then you read the same article on a news site. Suddenly you can voice your opinion on it, can start a conversation, can hear all sides and all opinions, can react to ones that you do not appreciate and can feel involved. Suddenly your voice, your opinion as a member of the public becomes important and you can have your say.

This same phenomenon is exactly why I blog. I have opinions about things – about things that are happening in the world as well as things that are happening in my life – and I don’t always want to wait for a newspaper article to be written before I can express that opinion. And so I blog about it. And I know that hardly anyone reads my blog. I know that my opinion in the end is pretty worthless in the long run, but that doesn’t mean that I lose the right to express it. And neither should you.

If there is something that you feel strongly about, if there is something that happened that you think people should know about, if there is something that matters to you (whether you think that it will matter to anyone else or not), you should blog about it. Because your opinion should not be oppressed. We have had too much oppression in this country to let our opinions, our views and our importance slide by unnoticed. We have a right to freedom of speech, and we should exercise that right as often as we can to ensure that we are heard, that we are not forgotten and that we are not lost in the myriad of opinions flying around cyberspace.

Have your say! You can start your own blog, or you can even contribute towards ours. If you have something that you want to say related to technology in South Africa, you can send your post to us at and you can become one of the writers for our blog!

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