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Imaginet Products

Imaginet offers a host of products for almost any user. Our hosting environment is top of the range and we can get you connected almost anywhere in the country ! Back ups, social media and Search Engine Optimisation also increase the excellence of your internet experience with us. 

Products for Virtual Providers

The list of products we can offer our Resellers is vast and all the pricing and availability will be on the price list we have sent to you as signed-up Providers.  

Please chat to us  if you would like to sell something that is not on the list. We are always open to suggestions.

What Products do you need?

Clients who need connectivity will obviously need to decide on what kind of connection they can get and what is available.

ADSL has long been the desired product of choice as it has been readily available in most areas in the country. However, with the advent of Fibre and Wireless connectivity it is advisable to check what you can offer. We have maps and will help you figure this out with either a full physical address or map co ordinates. 

Businesss and home users are able to apply for domains and hosting through you and we will require the correct spelling and hosting package to set them up. It’s easy and can be active within 24 hours !







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