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Imaginet provides dedicated technical support for all our Virtual Providers directly. We will help you solve client issues and investigate problems. Our dedicated support team is there for you all year round until 10 pm on weekdays and 8 pm on weekends. 

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Our Technical Team 

We offer top technical support directly to all our Virtual Providers. 

Our Technical Team


You can talk to our hosting experts regarding client websites or servers if you need assistance in set up or maintenance

Internet Marketing

We have a range of services whicy will enhance your client outlet to social media, SEO and other targeted internet marketing tools

Knowledge BaseTechnical Wiki

Virtual Providers will have access to all our Knowledge Base questions which will assist greatly when trouble shooting client issues

No need to log in.. The wiki is right here :
Feel free to send us suggestions or ask for items to be added
Phone us if you are still unsure of a problem

Give Imaginet a call on 086 11 111 01 and speak to a sales consultant or a dedicated Virtual Provider consultant on extension 3 

Marketing Wiki

Marketing your own Internet Service Provider

Reseller Marketing Strategies

Integrating the requirements of vendors as well as the interests of resellers is key to helping each other sell the products we have on offer. Within this context, the communication and cooperation with you as a resellers for Imaginet is the key component to develop and to implement a successful strategy.

It may often be necessary for you, as the reseller to market and add new strategies and concepts to promote your own identity while selling the products of another company, i.e. Imaginet.

  • You need to create your own portal for sales like a website presence or a social media strategy which targets your town or area.
  • development of a go-to-market strategy for a new business offering which supplements your current product range is also a value add for your clients.
  • introduction of a new product
  • implementation of a campaign
  • improvement of the quality of marketing activities to achieve a higher marketing ROI (Return of Investment)
  • introduction of a ROI tracking model (like google analytics)
  • marketing trainings for your staff or sales people.


Performing Reseller Marketing Promotions and Campaigns

Sometimes there are teething issues and unforeseen matters which will delay the best of plans.Don’t be discouraged as this is a complex business which requires technical and marketing knowledge and we can help you with both.  A product launch needs to be prepared and planned to avoid chaos and the appearance of being inconsistent or badly informed.

In all these cases,we can assist you with our experience and have been doing this for 23 years so we have lots of practice. It is up to you to determine the degree of support and if you have your own ideas which work best for you, please share them so we can learn from you as well. You can contact us on a daily basis to support and to assist your team. Based on our long-term experience, we can usually assess your needs and assist you very quickly.


Examples of projects in which we can help:

  • Preparation of targeted marketing ideas for resellers
  • Product launch preparation with resellers
  • Marketing planning with resellers by considering product guidelines/budgets
  • Introduction of a ROI tracking model (communication and trainings)
  • Campaigns together with resellers
  • Social media with resellers
Reseller Marketing Live: Reseller Assistance, Support, and Communication

For the assistance of our resellers, we can prepare several concepts – from direct one-to-one support of strongest resellers to generalised assistance when and if required. We do not talk directly to your clients but will assist to manage your clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. You will still maintain your own identity and relationship, free of interference.

Communication is key and the more we get to know about your needs and target audience the better the relationship will become and develop into a mutually beneficial success.

Talk to us.

 Whether it is the maintenance of a community through social media , the creation of a newsletter with targeted copy writing, a campaign to market your website online, or regular marketing updates – We make sure that your messages and information are communicated to our dedicated sales representative.


Reseller Marketing – Training

How fit is your marketing? During our work as channel marketing various vendors, we have met partners with a small marketing team without the required resources or companies with little marketing expertise. There is nothing wrong with being small and even the best teams should invest in further education where social media, internet marketing and search engine optimisation for your website is a way even the small man can make a difference. Imaginet offers this to you at relatively inexpensive prices and the value to your company is almost limitless.

Social Media in Reseller Marketing

Social networks have become an important part in communication with customers, prospects, and business partners. Therefore, we offer social media consulting, concepts and trainings for your company, your team and your resellers.

  • Integration of social media into your communication strategy
  • Social media for event promotion or product launches
  • Social media training for your employees (guidelines, rules, contents, image material, instructions, tips)
  • Considering your resellers in your social media strategy
  • Preparation of content
  • Instructions with practical tips for resellers

Social media is such a broad field. There is always a need for training and instruction. The world of social media never stands still. Start to conquer the social networks! Here, we can support and assist you with words and deeds.


In turn this is a product you could resell to your clients and improve their internet presence and experience.


Content - Reseller Marketing

There are many possible scenarios indicating the need for an additional resource in your reseller marketing and content on your website is vital for your image and your exposure. Imaginet offer content writing on a case by case basis and we can help you develop a professional website that stands out in a market where shoddy writing and mistakes on a seller’s portal will immediately affect confidence in your product or brand. Tell us what you do, we will ensureyou are in control, in the market and in touch with your clients.

We also will offer Google campaigns which increase your market reach. Depending on where you are and how far afield you want to sell, we can improve on your exposure online with keywords and targeted clicks bringing people to your site. This is also something which will require a customised quotation, so let us know if you are interested. It can make a huge difference in growth and maintenance of your current client network.

We would love to work closely with you and once you are signed up with Imaginet we hope to establish open communication on all potential opportunities to help you grow.. and in turn help us grow as well.

Let´s go. How can I support you?

Control Panel

Your control panel details will be sent to you directly. Logging in is easy and you will be able to add packages or cancel them 

How to login and use MyDot Control Panel

To access your control panel, please visit and log in with the details provided. Please note that you will need to log in using your primary My[Dot] credentials.

You will be able to log in using any Imaginet username and password, such as those for your email or ADSL accounts, however, logging in with those details will only allow you to administer that one particular service . In other words, if you log in with an Imaginet email address which is not your primary log-in, you will only be able to manage that one email address, and will not have access to other control panel functions.

If you’re not sure of your primary MtDot log-in details, please contact us.

Who to contact

If you need specialised services, please feel free to contact our Sales Manager, Andrew Cuyler. We have a dedicated team to meet your every need. 

Contact numbers :

Sales Department : 086 111 11 01 (ext 3)

Accounts Department : 086 111 11 01 (Ext 2)

Technical Deparment : 086 111 011 01 (ext 1)


Frequently Asked Questions

We will be answering the most comment questions here for your convenience.  Please feel free to make suggestions. 

How to add an email address through my dot in three easy steps: Visit . Log in using your Username and password. Select the email tab on the left side of the screen. On the right hand side you can see the "Add+" option. The first step allows you to select the domain where you wish to house the email address. The second step will allow you to add a username and the third phase is to add a password. Click the "Add +" button on the bottom of your screen to complete the process.

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